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2. Help! This is our first video, how does video production work?

Video production is basically broken down into 3 basic steps:

Pre-production: Brandcore would first work with you to learn about your brand and your business needs, then work on defining what you would like the video to do for you. Some basic things we would define could be : Who is your target audience? Are there any KPIs you would like to hit with the video?

We would then propose a suitable platform, whether online or offline, traditional or social, and provide a detailed pitch on the video we would produce. Once you have approved our plans, we would start work. This might involve writing, logistics and planning, or even casting, if the production requires it. 

Production: This would be when we start to involve the cameras, light and sound. Most people think of this step whenever they think about video production. Our team would handle everything that is involved with making your footage look and sound good, by capturing interviews, event footage or scenes described in a script. Post-production: This would be after filming has been done, and we would work on putting everything we have together, crafting a flow and adding graphics, titles and music where required. We would complete a draft for you to review and one more version with your feedback worked on before finally completing the project.