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Stop telling,
nobody likes to be told.
showing them
with power of video!

Are you creating videos that are relevant to your target audience?

With our experience working with brands, we possess a clear edge over other video production companies in Singapore. Led by a seasoned producer with over 15 years of practice, Brandcore’s Video Production team has also produced various types of videos for various purposes on multiple platforms, ranging from traditional OOH displays to modern day apps like TikTok.

Captivate Engage & Convert

Why Businesses Must Have Videos

Whether you want to showcase your products or services or enhance training efforts, a well-crafted video can help you achieve higher engagement, increase conversions, & gain a competitive edge.

Video works best when your objectives are clearly defined. Let our team of brand culturists guide you through our onboarding process, where we’ll assist you in determining the ideal content and delivery style to effectively reach your goals.

Just a Few of the Stories We've Told

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Clients We've Worked With

Onboarding Process

In our onboarding process, we would typically ask for information from our clients.

Who is the video for?

What is the video for?

Where will the video be shared?

Why is the video created?
What is the message we want to convey?

As a demonstration, Brandcore has come up with 4 different products to choose from, with possible answers to the above.

Corporate Video

Who?Stakeholders (internal), Investors, Prospective partners, General Public
What?Brand story, History of the company, past successes, company culture, etc
Where?Website, sales kit, events and trade show
Why?To convey the company mission, vision and values, to humble brag about the company’s successes

Event Video

Who? Stakeholders, Prospective New Hires, General Public
What? A summary of an event that was held by the company
Where? Internally at meetings, social media to the public
Why? For raising morale internally, to attract new hires to apply for a position in the company. To demonstrate he culture of a company to the general public

Product Video

Who? Customers
What? Launch of a new product Video showing off features of a product
Where? Website, social media ad campaign, social media, television, OOH advertising
Why? For prospective customers to discover the new product or find out more about their product in their searches

Social Media Video

Who? General Public, Fans of the brand
What? Updates on the company/brand, including new launches announcements, promotional announcements, and content on brand culture
Where? Social media
Why? For fans of the brand to keep updated, For prospective customers to discover the new product or find out more about their product in their searches

Story-telling Process


Fact finding done with clients for goals of the content

Pre Production

Script writing, storyboarding, logistics and planning before shoot


Video shoot, involving production team

Post Production

Editing, color treatment, audio engineering

Use Case of Videos

Product Demos

Video is an effective way to showcase your products or services. By creating short, engaging videos that demonstrate how your product works or how your service can benefit customers, you can help your audience better understand your offerings and increase the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Corporate Video

These videos can help to establish your company's brand and tell its story. Corporate videos can be used to introduce your team, showcase your facilities, and highlight your company's values and mission.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short, animated videos that are used to explain complex ideas or concepts in a simple and engaging way. These videos can be used to explain how your product works or how your service can help solve a problem.


Video testimonials from satisfied customers can be a powerful marketing tool. By showcasing the experiences of your customers, you can build trust and credibility with your audience.

Live Streaming

Live streaming can be used to connect with your audience in real-time. Companies can use live streaming to share company news, host webinars, or conduct Q&A sessions.


Video can be used to attract and recruit top talent. By creating videos that showcase your company culture, work environment, and opportunities for growth, you can attract the right candidates and build a strong team.

Overall, video can be a powerful tool for companies looking to connect with their audience and achieve their marketing goals. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, build your brand, or attract top talent, video can help you achieve your objectives.

Benefits of Working with Us

Grow your Brand

through structured storytelling while maintaining a high level of brand consistency and coherence

Achieve Cost Effectiveness

as we are highly efficient helping you save time and money; right talent with the right resources

Enjoy a Fresh Perspective

to capture attention and engage your audience to achieve your business objectives

More Bang for your Buck,

you can be assured of the highest quality of production for your needs across all platforms

By engaging us, you not only engage a professional Video Production House, but also a team of branding experts. Not sure what would work for your brand? Send us an enquiry – coffee’s on us!

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