Practicing Brands

Brandcore is a branding agency. We are in the practice of developing, building, repositioning and managing brands. We are not a design nor advertising nor marketing agency even though we are involved in these works from time to time.

A graphic agency employs designers and makes its money selling those designers time to produce graphic pieces. An advertising agency focuses its creative energies into creating campaigns to communicate the brand’s tactical and strategic messages to meet specific business goals. They employ various tactics and media to achieve this task. A marketing agency typically is engaged to help clients position their products and services in the market, search out market niche, explore and profile segments, develop market entry strategies and marketing channels. There’s much more to each profession than what I’ve mentioned above but you get the idea.

As a branding agency, we need to understand all of that and develop strategies and plans so that the combined efforts of the all that come together to build a strong brand. We are here to question how to build long term brand equity over short term profits. We are here to ensure short term tactical campaigns do not undermine the brand vision.

To draw an analogy, imagine that you inherited a plot of land and you wanted to build your dream home. To take the first step for that, you’d want to engage someone who will help you through that process. This is where we come in. We’ll find out what kind of home you’ll want, how many people will be living there and how many will be visiting on a regular basis? How many cars will you plan to have? What are the hobbies and interest of each of the occupants? What are some of the family traditions and rituals being practiced? What are the lifestyle needs of each occupant? With all these information, the person then begins to design the dream home. This person is called the architect. If the house was to be the brand, we would be the architect. Would we be involved in the building? Every step of the way. But in that process, we’d engage other experts, the builder, electricians, plumbers, decorators, etc. We can’t possibly do everything ourselves, but we are there to ensure all these different parties are working in unison to build your dream home in accordance to your vision.

Branding is a practice just like law and medicine, it’s the skills and experience of the practitioner that determines the outcome and results. I’ve been practicing branding since 1997 so it’s been more than 20 years. As with many of these professional practices, the business is not very scalable. Every patient or client wants the personal attention of the doctor or lawyer and it is the same with branding. As such, my practice has always remained small, focused on serving my clientele well which allows me to continue to do what I love.